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Delicious Duck Eggs from Pampered Ducks

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Featured Recipes of the Month

Torta al Mascarpone          Duck Egg Salad          Homemade Pancake Mix

Cooking Tip of the Month

Do you want to give your cake batter a thicker consistency?  Substitute chicken eggs with duck eggs.  The extra protein and yolk in the duck egg will help thicken the batter without changing any other ingredients.

The Chef’s Corner

If you are a professional chef or pastry chef  and wish to submit recipes featuring Messuri Family Farm Duck Eggs, please contact us. We will be happy to mention your restaurant, print your picture and publish your recipe.

Looking for something we don’t offer?

We don’t often order our ducks anymore (not since we added a hatchery) but when we do, we order from Metzer Farms.  John Metzer and his entire organization are experts in their field and the only ones we recommend our customers go to when their needs exceed our capabilities.