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CLARKSVILLE, OHIO, June 18, 2012 – The decline in the consumption of chicken eggs continues. According to USDA statistics, in 2006 per capita chicken egg consumption was 258 eggs per year, and by 2011 it had declined to 246 eggs per year. At the same time, Metzer Farms, one of the nation’s leading suppliers of ducks, states that in 1991 duck eggs as a percentage of total egg production was approximately 6.6 percent and by 2007 it had risen to a bit more than 7.0 percent.

Michael and Teresa Messuri of Messuri Family Farm have long recognized the growing trend in duck egg consumption.  They are commercial producers of free-range duck eggs and ducklings. For the past six years they have been assembling notes on their duck egg production experience for the purpose of producing a common sense guide for would be duck egg operations. The result of their effort is a book entitled:

Duck Egg Production for Beginners: A practical guide for producing duck eggs for the hobby farmer

While chickens and ducks are obviously both birds, the techniques needed to produce quality duck eggs with any regularity are not very well known. Practical books on duck egg production are few and far between. Even more difficult to find are instructions for selling excess duck eggs in commercial settings such as retail stores, high-end bakeries and restaurants.

“We didn’t approach this book from the point of view of being know it all’s,” said Michael Messuri, co-owner of Messuri Family Farm. “We often learned our duck egg production lessons the hard and painful way.  We wanted to give people the advantages of learning from our mistakes. We want people to go about duck egg production in the most humane and legal way, especially if they want to sell their duck eggs commercially.”

Duck Egg Production for Beginners: A practical guide for producing duck eggs for the hobby farmer,” will initially be available as an electronic book available through and Barnes and Noble. Future projects will include a guide for producing turkey and goose eggs as well as a practical business book on egg production for hobby farmers of chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys.

About Messuri Family Farm Publishing

Based in Clarksville, Ohio, Messuri Family Farm is a producer of USDA inspected, free-range duck, turkey and goose eggs.  Based on his extensive experience with poultry, Michael Messuri, president of Messuri Family Farm, decided to launch a series of practical guides to assist beginning hobby farmers as to the proper way to go into egg production. Messuri’s co-author is Bruce H. Wolk, an author and former biologist who helped work his way through college on a poultry farm.