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Messuri Family Farm LLC and the Ohio Proud program

I am proud to announce that Messuri Family Farm LLC has recently become a licensed partner in the Ohio Department of Agriculture’s “Ohio Proud program.”

Ohio Proud is a marketing program that works to increase awareness of agricultural and food products that are raised, grown or processed right here in Ohio. Ohio Proud companies employ more than 50,000 Ohioans. By promoting Ohio companies and locally produced goods, Ohio Proud helps to protect job security for working Ohioans and to strengthen state and local economies.

Ohio Proud also provides a valuable consumer service. Retailers throughout Ohio are displaying the distinctive Ohio Proud logo to make it easier for shoppers to identify licensed Ohio Proud products. Why is this important?  In a statewide survey of Ohio consumers, 98 percent stated that if cost and quality are the same, they prefer to purchase Ohio products over the national brand.

We at Messuri Family Farm LLC are excited about our new Ohio Proud membership, and we encourage other local food and agriculture companies to join the Ohio Proud team.


Michael Messuri

Owner / Operator