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We live with ducks, we’re surrounded by ducks, we have ducks walking around the farm and we usually know what they’re quacking about.

At Messuri Family Farm understanding our ducks is not just important to us, it is our business.  We have been pampering our ducks since 2007. While we don’t give them raincoats when it rains – after all, everyone knows water runs off a duck’s back – we treat them in a way that’s just ducky.

It All Starts with Respect

To our eyes, a duck is a thing of beauty. They are not little machines that push out eggs on an assembly line. They are living creatures and we respect that. We never forget that the care of our ducks has been entrusted to us.

We rely on our ducks to produce delicious Messuri Family Farm Duck Eggs.  They are our workers and in a sense, our partners. It would be unthinkable for us to take our ducks for granted.

No Such Thing as an Ugly Duckling But…

While we think that every duck is a beautiful duck, we are very selective when it comes to our ducks. We purchase all of our ducklings locally from people we know and trust.  We like to know where our ducklings come from, how they were treated and the conditions under which they were hatched. In the not too distant future, we will be hatching all of our own ducklings.

A Safe Environment

A stress-free duck is a happy duck. While we don’t show our ducks, duck cartoons or sing them to sleep with duck lullabies, we understand that ducks like to produce duck eggs in conditions that are safe and healthy.

If the people who rate world class hotels rated the Messuri Family Farm Duck Egg coops, we would get a five duck rating and the coveted “Golden Duck Egg Award.”  We are scrupulous about cleanliness and being gentle and kind around our ducks.

Free Range

Unfortunately, there are those who claim their animals are raised in “free range” environments that are far from free range. We’re too nice to say anything negative about the competition, so here’s what free-range means to us: During the day, both the ducks and the turkeys are free to explore their extremely roomy 4,300 square foot “gated community,” where they can peck away at the grass or eat a bug or two.  If they so choose, they can stay comfy indoors “under the covers.” At night, all of our ducks are tucked away in their beds.  They’re not night owls, you know!

Good Food and Clean Water

Our feed is all-natural,and is made from locally grown grain.  In fact, our feed is so delicious our ducks routinely dress for dinner as you would dress for a fancy restaurant. Well maybe that is exaggerated a bit, but we do know that our good feed produces really delicious duck eggs. Our turkeys often dine with our ducks (they like to gossip about the neighbor’s chickens). Of course, their water is always clean and plentiful.

Our friends say we’ve gone to the ducks!