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It’s impossible to own a family farm without loving animals.  Caring for animals teaches everyone in the family responsibility and respect.

On the Messuri Family Farm We raise all sorts of animals. Perhaps the sweetest and certainly most fun of all the animals we raise are the miniature donkeys.

Not only are miniature donkeys beautiful little creatures, they are quite affectionate. From the time our miniature donkeys are born, our family showers them with love.  Starting with the very first hours of the foal’s life, they are petted and hugged by everyone in our family!

Children who are highly allergic to dogs and cats can find a wonderful best friend in a miniature donkey. Of course, some children are allergic to dander from most any kind of animal. If your child suffers from allergies, please consult with your doctor as to whether a miniature donkey is an appropriate pet.

Messuri Family Farm raises a limited number of miniature donkeys for sale to very special families. Please contact us if you are interested in hearing more about these wonderful animals.